On my mind

This morning I am reflecting on the simple things in my life that make me smile ( they are in no specific order).

  • Waking up, lets face it, this one is essential!
  • Hearing my coffee maker start my morning brew
  • Hearing my husband snore….yes believe or not this makes me smile because he sounds like a cross between a kitty purring and a white noise machine.
  • Waking up my children in the morning for school and singing my song ” Good morning to you”. I mention each of their names and have been singing this since they were babies. The song finishes with “eyyyyyyyy” and now they join me on that verse.
  • My job, I am thankful that I love and am happy at my job. I really work with great people. Working on clinical trials and seeing a compound go through each stage is so interesting and gratifying that I had some hand in it.
  • Hearing my kids laugh out loud to their cartoons and to you tube videos they watch (their favorite is the annoying orange) . I smile because they watch it together and share the laughter.
  • Smelling my husbands hair in the morning. My husband’s hair is so soft and cut like a golf course. Its perfectly short, stands up straight, and so so soft. It tickles my nose. I smell it right before I work out every morning, he smiles as well when I do this. What does it smell like….ocean morning breeze. IT DOES!
  • My GPS, I would be lost without it…for real
  • Talking to my mom, sisters and my dad. I call them everyday. Sometimes we talk about the same thing over and over again, just to stay on the phone. We talk about shopping, celebrity news, family stuff, kids, work, and things we want to do. I have a great family. I remember when I was a kid, I would tell people, “I have a great dad and he’s going to be president one day”. Even though he never did ( I think if he would run he would win), I am so proud to walk next to him.
  • This is my last one ( for today). My Dad when he speaks English. His background, he was born in  Cuba but left very young. He served in the US air-force and was stationed in Louisiana. If you can picture this, he speaks with a Cuban- southern drawl. I love it when he says ” you’all better be saving money for you’all’s future” haha good advice Dad, I LOVE YOU!!

What Makes you Smile?

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