Published November 19, 2011 by risenrunning

I have been looking forward to blogging my running activity and my experiences to achieve my goals but my life was brought to a complete halt. It’s not me, it my other half, my husband. We have been battling together a fight with Ulcerative Colitis and we thought we were so far ahead. He had some minor relapses here and there but nothing like this one now. So I must ask, ” How did we get here??!!!”

To catch you up to speed..He leaves to Atlanta on a trip, gets sick on the trip, has an obstruction, now told he might have Chron’s ( the whole time and not UC), hospitalized in Atlanta and can’t get home, I fly up to keep him company and to keep an eye on the nurses (as I am one). So what do we do now? We wait…we wait…and see if the medications will kick in to decrease the inflammation and if that doesn’t work….surgery. We are praying that these meds kick in because if we need surgery we would want to do it back home.

So what am I feeling just to get it out there and off my chest?

  1. Torn: I long to have my husband well and happy and I miss my children so much ( and he does too). I’m torn because I can’t leave my husband and I really miss my children.
  2. Angry: At this horrible disease and how it has attacked my husband and family!! I HATE YOU!!
  3. Sad: I really want to cry because I don’t like the ride we are on to uncertainty.
  4. Numb and dizzy: I think the bullet somes this one up.

What do we do now:


2- Breath in and out

3- Hold my husband’s beautiful hand through this.

I had no idea that I would be running this marathon again, I didn’t enter this race but it looks like I have to complete it. I need to focus on his recovery and stay positive no matter what. Image

If you have any positive quotes for me to focus on, please comment.


It’s been a good start but improvements can be made

Published January 11, 2012 by risenrunning

Hello hello. I have definitely started with a winning streak this 2012 when it comes to my workouts. I have managed to stay focused and on track. I think that a lot of it has to do with my husbands health. Things have improved a lot and he is getting stronger. I think his vibe has been infectious with me. I really have to say that he is so supportive with my obsession to run and workout.
He always asks “how did your workout go?” when I come back. He gets up with the kids on the weekends and makes sure they have eaten a good breakfast when I go out at the crack of dawn. I truly take him with me and pray that his recovery path continues and that God enlightens me everyday.

So what have I been doing?! I have traveled for work and have been writing down my workout goals on my iPad (Santa was good to me ). I have stuck with my AM elliptical 45 min random interval work out and have stuck to my running in the afternoon. This is from my recent trip to Daytona , Florida , what a beautiful beach.


So what do I need to I prove on …. The clean eating part. I have developed a “love” for Dux crackers . My oh my how I love them. They are perfectly crunchy and airy. You truly never know how many you eat. I think it takes over my brain and I start calculating the square root of everything that went into my mouth. Chips, crackers, and crunchy things have always been my downfall. So, as of yesterday I have eaten my last Dux crackers. I won’t say forever but for now. I can’t keep on buying the big can and expect to never eat them at home.


One thing that I am happy about my diet is that I have turmeric everyday in my protein shake or soup. I was excited to read an article about it and I hope you enjoy it. I love reading and following Dr. Andrew Weil.
health benefits of tumeric

If you have any suggestions ( other than celery or carrots) to help me with my “crunchy” cravings, let me know.

Remember keep going and always look forward and never back 😉

keeping busy and brainstorming

Published November 20, 2011 by risenrunning

As you are aware I have been mentally busy with my husband’s illness. So I have decided to keep my mind busy with other things. I started the day with a prayer and have prayed quite a bit today.

Twitter has been my main source of entertainment. I love to read everyone’s updates and blogs. Before I started blogging, I never understood what the whole purpose was. I would ask myself, “why do people want to put their lives out there?” Now I know why. Reading other blogs has help me through this process that I am going through. I might not be able to get out there and run but at least I am running mentally through bloggers half marathon and marathons this weekend. I am so happy for them and I am very grateful that this whole blogging thing exists!!

Another type of blog that I have been reading are some blogs that I have found for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease. I haven’t found to many and I think I will start incorporating support for spouses/parents  who have a loved one with Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis. I have definitely been here supporting my husband through this and being a nurse just might help others. I know how frustrating and helpless one feels during these times of complication of this disease.

So today will be a short blog and I wanted to share some of the blogs that I have enjoyed reading today.

This blog is one I read in the morning before my workout and I always find entertaining:

MegaNerds She’s so positive!

Ali on the run: This girl is incredible ! She is a runner and is on a mission to kick Crohns disease in the butt!

Last and my ultimate favorite! Chasing the now, this girl is so amazing. She has achieved so much and is very genuine in her blog and that’s what I love about it. She doesn’t want to sell anything she just wants to accomplish life.

I hope you enjoy them as I have 🙂 I will keep praying for my husband to get better and pray for others as well.

Hello world! I’m Here!!

Published September 7, 2011 by risenrunning

Welcome to my blog.  I am a 40 something mom who has discovered a passion for running and clean eating.  I  am an active participant on and I enjoy logging in my nutrition and exercise programs there. I have virtually met a lot of supportive people there and without this website, I don’t think I could have been so successful in my weight loss. So, are you asking “is this another blog on diet and exercise from a previous overweight person?” My answer is yes! HAHA! I will also blog about:

  • What strategies help me maintain my weight loss
  • How do I juggle a family and a career
  • Playlists and songs that keep me running
  • Clean eating recipes that I enjoy making and eating
  • How do I get my family involved in a healthy lifestyle
  • Running/exercising DIVA style ( which covers fashion and makeup)
I hope you enjoy my blog and I wish you all the great things life has to offer!